Callanwolde Estate and Formal Garden Tours

Callanwolde Self Guided Tours

The Candler Mansion and Carriage House viewed from the Formal Gardens.

The Callanwolde Estate Tour

Pierced tracery stonework above the Grand Staircase.

The Callanwolde Estate Tour is a docent guided experience that encompasses the many historical, architectural and natural setting attributes of this remarkable location. The  twelve acre estate,once the home of the Coca Cola family, offers much to see and appreciate. The full tour experience is approximately 45-60 minutes and is available all throughout the year. Groups of 10 to 200 can be accommodated with free parking for buses and cars on site.

Each docent guided tour must be booked in advance and can be tailored to specific areas of interest. The outdoor portions of the tour are subject to any unfavorable weather conditions.

Limited versions of the experience with out a docent are available as self-guided tours on weekdays.

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Formal Garden Tours

The Callanwolde Fine Arts Center Formal Garden Tours are conducted primarily in spring and summer with the most sought after dates in April, May and early June. In 2016 we will be offering our special tours for seven Tuesdays this spring. Our basic Formal Garden Tour is a short walk around the outdoor areas of the estate, to include the renovated formal garden, the woodland area, the nature path and an introduction to many of the trees on the property that are more than 100 years old.

The tour can be created around the specific needs of your group, including length of the tour and amount of walking required. Parts of the tour are handicapped accessible for wheelchairs and walkers. All tours include an outdoor experience that everyone can enjoy.

The formal garden is positioned perfectly for combining the mansion and garden tour.  If you have never visited the mansion, we encourage you to combine both tours. If there is inclement weather, we will encourage the garden tours to move inside. The full experience is called the Callanwolde Estate tour which also includes the gardens and outer buildings.


  • The Basic Formal Garden Tour is a 30-45 minute experience focusing on the outdoor areas of the Estate. The participants will be guided through the Formal Garden, revisiting the original flower beds of the Candler family. Guests will be enlightened about the various flowers and the neighboring natural spaces along with the woodland areas and nature path.
  • The Formal Garden Tour and Tea is an experience that includes a 30 minute outdoor tour of the Garden combined with a light tea, served in the indoor courtyard. The tea menu will be provided by neighborhood entrepreneurs or favorite caterers of Callanwolde, depending on availability. In the event of inclement weather, the outdoor portion of the experience would be exchanged for and indoor portion including – our engaging speakers on topics of flower arranging, special classes with the DeKalb County master gardeners program, The Poetry of Nature or many more.  Our fine arts center has a wealth of artists and teachers who can share their many talents with our tour groups. A 50% non-refundable deposit must be made when booking the Tour with Tea, to cover the cost of refreshments which must be ordered and made in advance.
  • The Formal Garden Tour with Speaker can be both an indoor and outdoor experience. During the Formal Garden Tour, we may invite master gardeners familiar with our estate to share the current work going on in our gardens and their special techniques with our guests. The other indoor choices would include lectures or classes offered by our teachers and artists that will complement the garden tour. Participants will choose from our list according to topics of interest and availability. Again, the weather will play a part in the design of every outdoor tour.

Touring Fees

The fees listed below are based on a group rate for a minimum of 10 participants.

The Callanwolde Estate Tour which includes the mansion, formal garden, nature areas and outer buildings is $25.

The Callanwolde Estate Tour with Speaker is $35 per person.

The Basic Formal Garden Tour is $15 per person.

The Basic Formal Garden Tour with Speaker will be priced at a $25 per person. These fees are based on a $100 speaker fee. Other lecturers or artists may charge more; however, all fees that are charged will be divided by the number of participants. When additional fees are added, the amount of the admission fee diminishes as the number in the group becomes larger.

In order to secure specialized tours with teas and speakers, they must be booked in advance. All Group Tours must have at least 10 participants and will be assigned a docent for the specific guided tours. All tours have a maximum of 25 participants per group. If your group is larger, it will be divided with additional group tour leaders at no additional cost.

Film and Television

Below are just some of the television shows and movies that have used Callanwolde as a location, with many more to come! Our Callanwolde Estate Tours showcase the rooms used during filming.

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