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Callanwolde Capital Campaign

Gardens House Best  300 dpi0146 lightNew Callanwolde Programs

Callanwolde is raising funds to house Callanwolde’s new Rick Baker School of Music and Music Recording and our new School of Horticulture/Culinary Arts. Our Music Program and Music Recording Program, under the direction of 3-time Grammy Winner Phil Tan (Callanwolde’s Director of Music Recording) and our Horticulture/Culinary arts program has started this year and we are partnering with Captain Planet Foundation as one of their Project Learning Garden locations. These are programs that are much needed in our community and they will be housed in the historic Callanwolde Barn (Recording Studio), Gardeners Cottage (Music and Music Recording Classrooms), and Greenhouse (Gardening beds for our Horticulture/Culinary Arts Program.) Atlanta is one of the top 10 recording cities in the United States and yet there is a lack of classes in music recording. Horticulture/Culinary Arts or also known as “farm to table” instruction is becoming more important to help teach our communities how to grow, cook, and eat healthy.

Callanwolde’s 501c3 nonprofit mission is to preserve the historic Candler Estate and offer fine arts and outreach to the community. This Capital Campaign, renovations, and new programs achieves fully our mission.

Would you consider donating today to help preserve Atlanta history and help Callanwolde grow and house these new and needed programs for our community? We appreciate your support of Callanwolde.

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Our Mission – “Home is Where the Art Lives”

The Callanwolde Foundation, Inc., operating as Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve, restore, and develop the Callanwolde Estate and to be a premier public participatory arts and cultural center and offer outreach to the community. Callanwolde:

  • Provides the highest quality visual, performing, and literary arts classes to all ages, including to those with financial obstacles or disabilities
  • Serves over 100,000 people annually through classes, workshops, performances, events, outreach programs, and tours, and
  • Is the only place in Atlanta where visitors can experience so much local history, architectural significance, and arts programs, all at a single site.

The Plan…

…calls for significant expansion of our educational programs and community impact, along with major restoration of the historic Callanwolde estate. Our goals will be accomplished by $2.1 million in campus improvements, including the renovation of three badly deteriorated buildings; the creation of new classrooms for our Music, Music Recording, and Horticulture/Culinary Arts Programs; and the resurfacing of our main driveway and parking areas to make them more user and environmentally friendly. The critical needs that we’re addressing:

  • Expansion of Callanwolde’s demographic to make Callanwolde more reflective of our wider DeKalb County and Metro Atlanta community. We need to bring in more cultural, socioeconomic, generational, racial, and ethnic diversity
  • Outreach to underserved youth who lack the financial and/or emotional support needed to build self-confidence and pursue their career goals
  • Creation of new classrooms for students to enjoy Callanwolde’s high quality, low-cost arts classes
  • Restoration of historic buildings to sustain them as a vital part of Atlanta’s heritage


Estate and History Restoration

Callanwolde is the former estate of Charles Howard Candler (1878-1957), second president of The Coca-Cola Company and son of company founder Asa Griggs Candler. Following Howard Candler’s death, ownership changed several times, and by 1971, Callanwolde was in danger of demolition. Neighbors teamed with DeKalb County officials with the goal of purchasing the estate. Following a $182,000 challenge grant from HUD’s Open Spaces Program, the county was able to purchase the property outright, sparing it from the wrecking ball. Callanwolde Fine Arts Center subsequently opened in 1972. Although the County still owns the property, the nonprofit Callanwolde Foundation operates the Fine Arts Center. For over 40 years, the nonprofit Callanwolde Fine Arts Center has offered a unique combination of the arts, Atlanta history, and tourist appeal – and now we’re expanding. Callanwolde brings the highest quality visual, performing, and literary arts classes to the public, including to those with financial obstacles or disabilities. Callanwolde is a fiscally stable organization also offering:

  • “Tour the Callanwolde Estate” program: We welcome school and community groups, individuals, families, and out-of-town visitors
  • Concerts, dance performances, art exhibitions, film screenings, storytelling events, and much more
  • The use of our facility to 50+ Metro-Atlanta and DeKalb County nonprofits: Habitat for Humanity, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Atlanta Film Festival, Somali Refugee Center, Atlanta Children’s Center, Senior Connections and more
  • A combination of history, architecture, and arts education that makes Callanwolde one of the most unique art centers in the country. The estate is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Why renovate now?
There is an urgent need to preserve the Callanwolde estate, which is the first priority in our mission statement. We hired an independent architectural firm to do a condition assessment of three historic outbuildings on the property: the Barn, the Greenhouse, and the Gardener’s Cottage. The Barn renovations are complete and now is a state of the art recording studio. The Greenhouse are already in a state of advanced deterioration, while the Gardener’s Cottage requires refurbishing to prevent further deterioration. We will renovate these structures in the interest of historic preservation and to create space for new arts education programming for the community.

Programs and Classes

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center serves students of all ages (including special needs and senior wellness). Our unique arts offerings include:

  • Photography, with one of the few remaining publicly accessible darkrooms in the area. We offer beginning classes and special topics classes, such as Lith Printing for our advanced students.
  • Pottery: Our hand-building and wheel classes for pottery students include special firing classes in Raku, salt, and soda firing methods.
  • Children’s dance begins with two-year olds in “Parent and Me” Ballet, with our high school students working with complex techniques and choreography.
  • Adults can take classes in adult dance or yoga, digital photography, memoir writing, collage, painting, and more.
  • Summer camps for children and youth include visual art, dance, drama, and creative writing.

In addition to our wonderful programs mentioned above, Callanwolde is committed to expanding our current demographic through the development of new courses that we believe will help us reach new audiences. One of our current efforts is the creation of portfolio-building or certificate classes specifically for 8th through 12th grade students that will help fill the void in their daily arts education.

These classes include:

  • Architectural drawing classes in which students draw the Callanwolde mansion and learn perspective and shading techniques
  • Hip Hop dancing
  • Spoken Word Poetry
  • Music and Recording
  • Horticulture

We are reaching out to DeKalb County public and private schools and other organizations to form new partnerships, and we have initiated a scholarship fund for underserved students. Programs and Classes

Music and Recording Program: Barn and Gardener’s Cottage


  • Increase enrollment to 600 students through a combination of private and group instruction.
  • Visit area schools to provide free performances and educational events, thereby attracting new students to our program while also helping the schools.
  • Open Callanwolde’s amphitheater to local schools for performances.
  • Implement the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) exams for our Music Program, which will prepare our music students for college.
  • Provide music recording classes for young people. Atlanta is one of the top ten music recording cities in the nation, yet there is a lack of music and recording educational programs and studios.
  • There are few recording programs for teens and none that cost as little as $200 per month.

Under the direction of artist-in-residence Phil Tan, a three-time Grammy Award-winning sound engineer, Callanwolde has designed a Music Recording Certificate Program that:

  • Provides students with a low-cost alternative to a traditional college education in music recording (Need-based scholarships are available through our outreach program).
  • Provides low-cost training that will be a great start to those interested in learning the art of recording.
  • Makes a difference for underserved youth who aspire to work in the music business.
  • Allows us to partner with public schools to locate students who would benefit most from the program.

All recording equipment required for teaching had been donated by Phil Tan.

The Barn: Our recording studio – Completed September 1st, 2015

  • New recording and mixing studios have been created on the upper floor, while the lower floor  contains a new lounge, break room, restroom, and shop.
  • Exterior cleaning and refurbishment of walls, doors, windows, and trim have been completed.
  • The interior framing has been repaired. The fit-out was overseen by a firm specializing in music studios (Baldwin and Clark, Inc.)
  • New electrical, water,  and HVAC systems were also added.

The Gardener’s Cottage: Let the music play!

  • The deteriorated asphalt shingle roof will be replaced with a clay tile roof to create a historically correct appearance.
  • Exterior wall, deck, and window repairs, along with vegetation clearing, will be completed.
  • Interior rehabilitation will involve reconfiguring the upper level to improve foot traffic flow.
  • Practice rooms will be built in the currently unfinished basement.
  • New mechanical and HVAC systems will be installed.

Gardening and Horticulture

Our New Horticulture Program: Teaching Green

There are very few organizations in the Atlanta area that offer horticulture instruction. As a result of the Greenhouse renovation, Callanwolde now provides high-quality classes, workshops, and special events for children and adults at a minimal cost. Callanwolde’s gardens and greenhouses have inspired us to create new classes and programs utilizing their unique qualities.

  • Students are able to study with an experienced gardener, learn to cultivate plants in the greenhouse and create an aesthetically interesting vegetable garden at Callanwolde.
  • Food from the garden would then be donated to an area food bank or shelter.
  • Cooking classes in our professional kitchen utilizing Callanwolde-grown produce, including classes for children inspired by the popular television series Chopped.

Callanwolde already has a ready-made audience of adult students for the new horticulture classes from these organizations:

  • DeKalb County Master Gardeners Program; this group frequently volunteers at Callanwolde to maintain our landscaping.
  • DeKalb Federation of Garden Clubs. Their administrative office is in our Conservatory, and they host large events for their members at Callanwolde.

The Greenhouse: We’ll be growing again soon

The Greenhouse structure has deteriorated significantly. Renovation steps are as follows:

  • New roof rafters will need to be custom-milled. The entire roof will then be rebuilt and supported by steel pipe posts. The roof will also contain a tempered glass bedded in a structural sealant.
  • The current interior planting beds contain asbestos; these will be replaced with an environmentally safe alternative.
  • The chimney will be reconstructed; and modern irrigation, ventilation, and heating systems will be added.

Callanwolde is partnering with the Captain Planet Foundation as one of their learning farms. Home Depot will also donate plants and seeds to help grow this program.

Financial Goals (Callanwolde Campaign Goal $2.1M)

Gardener’s Cottage and Greenhouse/$450,000
Site Improvements/$300,000
Asphalt, Parking, Drives/$250,000

Total: $2,100,000

Named Gift Opportunities (Duration: 10 Years)

Candler Mansion

New Main Drive (permanent)

Indoor Courtyard



Carriage House

Gardener’s Cottage


Pottery Building


Samuel Goldman Retreat
Grounds/Reserved in memory of Samuel Goldman

Great Hall

Rick Baker School of Music and Music Recording
Mansion/Reserved – Rick Baker

Callanwolde School of Horticulture and Culinary Arts

Callanwolde School of Dance

Port Cochere

Winter Living Room/ Dance Studio

Petite Hall

Front Terrace

Dining Room

Breakfast Room

Studio B: upstairs master bedroom/dance studio

Studio A: upstairs bedroom/dance studio

Studio C: upstairs bedroom/dance studio


Music Room

Photography Darkroom
Carriage House/$50,000

Upper Level Music Classroom
Gardener’s Cottage/$50,000

Recording Engineer’s Room
Barn/Reserved – Rick Baker

Formal Garden
Grounds/Reserved – Fidelity Bank

Music Practice Room #1
Gardener’s Cottage/$25,000

Music Practice Room #2
Gardener’s Cottage/$25,000

Music Practice Room #3
Gardener’s Cottage/$25,000

Engineer’s Assistant Room

Painting/Drawing Studio #1
Carriage House/$100,000

Painting/Drawing Studio #2
Carriage House/$100,000

Woodland Trail
Grounds/Reserved – Kendeda Fund

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