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Jennifer McKune, ASID

Porte Cochere Interior | Fifth Avenue Solutions

JenniferMcKuneA native of Atlanta, Jennifer McKune established Fifth Avenue Solutions to help a diverse set of clients truly “design their world”.

Jennifer’s passion for filling the void between “house” and “home” inspires carefully balanced spaces where light, color, and texture can excite or calm.  “It’s not about me. It’s about my client’s dream. Working together to build their initial ideas into a fully-realized space is exhilarating and it’s an honor to be trusted to realize those dreams.”

Frequently traveling internationally to research both historical and emerging trends, she produces spaces that bring together local aesthetics with just enough international influence to feel genuine and fascinating.
Also working with clients on structural remodels, her focus here is on building solid foundations, ensuring that everything from tile to cabinetry to throw pillows is in line with her client’s vision. Exacting standards, a flexible mindset, and exceptional creativity and integrity are the cornerstones of every project – be it paint selection or a full home remodel.

Jennifer’s creativity continues as she share’s insight and experiences on her blog “The Five Minute Room” and on Twitter @fasrooms.

CAC_2013_Designer_FifthAvenue_Logo_200pxJennifer McKune, Principal Advisor/Designer

Fifth Avenue Solutions
5456 Peachtree Blvd. # 214
Atlanta, GA 30344
cell: 770-330-9444
off: 404-860-3177

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