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Nicole Kelly

Headshot thumbNicole Kelly, head Interior Designer for Crush, graduated with a Degree in Interior Design from Bauder College in Atlanta, GA. She won the distinguished award for Outstanding Student in Interior Design, and graduated with honors. Ms. Kelly has worked in the business for over 10 years. She began her career working for the largest fabric retailer in the world. There she became an expert at matching colors, fabrics, and textures. After getting her feet wet in the business she dove all the way in and was hired to work at an Atlanta design firm as head designer for Model Homes division. Ms. Kelly was able to work on the illustrious St. Charles Resort in the Caribbean island of Turks and Caicos. After working for the firm Ms. Kelly felt that she had the experience and know how to branch out on her own. In 2007 Nicole started Crush. She got the name from simply shopping for clients and realizing that the key pieces people want in their homes are the ones they remember and can’t stop thinking about after they leave the store; the ones the client has a “Crush” on.

Crush has grown leaps and bounds over the past 8 years under the leadership of Nicole. Ms. Kelly has left her mark across the United States, working on projects in California, Washington DC., Minnesota, Ohio, New York, and her home state of Georgia. Currently Ms. Kelly has partnered with R & B Singer K Michelle, opening October 2015, Puff Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia on historic Edgewood Avenue on the new trolley line, with a second one planned for Bourbon St. in New Orleans in 2016. They acquired the very talented Food Network Star Chef Brianna Jenkins. In addition to the Restaurant and Lounge franchise Nicole and K Michelle are designing a home décor line brand managed by Liz Pokora-Sadowsky, the same team be-hind Beyoncé. With the kick off being this fall with the “Live Like Queens” dog bed line.

Ms. Kelly has studied design in France, Italy, and the UK. Over the years of living in Miami, Florida, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Green Bay, Wisconsin and Atlanta, Georgia Nicole acquired a great eye for how different cultures live. By experiencing all of these different walks of life in various parts of the globe she is able to give her clients a wide range of styles; modern, classic, traditional, urban, and contemporary. She has the innate ability to give her
clients exactly what they want without them even knowing they want and need it. Nicole’s magnetic personality attracts people and makes her very easy to re-late to. Backed by a very talented team of junior designers, painters and contractors, Ms. Kelly works in both residential and commercial design. Completing Pearl Lounge, Snoblife Studios, Chef Rob’s Caribbean Café, The Shark Bar, Conceited Inc. Beauty Bar, Baltimore Seafood and Crab, Alter Ego Hair Boutique, and JeAmor Boutique in Atlanta, Georgia over the last 3 years alone! Keep an eye out for Nicole Kelly and Crush. She is the next one to watch!

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Nicole Kelly
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