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Trish Land

Trish Land

“There’s beauty in all things.”

That’s why I paint. I grew up dancing. I worked hard because I wanted to be a pro. It was like a dream. I could move and tell a story with music and my body. Communicating in ways other than just talking. I had great successes and over time, found additional outlets for my creativity.

I found paint. It’s always fluid. It’s always moving. It has the essence of dreaming and dancing… and the mysterious journey is the story I like to tell… always allowing the viewer to have their own experience with my work.

Nature is my teacher… all I have to do is pay attention. I grew up in South Georgia… walking in the woods, collecting sticks and branches, making things from them, realizing that all I really needed was air and light and my imagination.

I’m fascinated by stories we are able to tell with paint. How using ink can be so powerful. Marrying acrylic with the ink has been an extraordinary relationship that has blown me away. In my world… they were meant to be together. And I’m grateful I found mediums that inspire me beyond belief.

My journey starts every day with clear eyes and the desire to put paint on a surface.

Self taught. Fully inspired. Always seeking… with eyes wide open.

Acrylic, ink, mixed media… canvas, wood, paper.

Trish Land



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