Dance Program

Callanwolde offers classes in dance for children ages 2 and up. We begin with Parent & Me classes and Creative Movement / Pre-Ballet. Students can continue through to advanced levels in Ballet, Modern, and Jazz.

Dance Classes Available
Dance for Ages 2-7
Royal Academy of Dance Ballet
Modern Dance
Jazz Dance

The aim of this program is to instill in each student the joy of dance as an art form. The program includes technical skills, improvisation, choreography, musical background, and performing experience within a graded structure. Children are allowed a high degree of personal freedom for their own invention and creativity. This educational approach to dance utilizes problem solving, observation, and sharing of experience, through which students acquire cooperation and teamwork skills, commitment, and responsibility.

Callanwolde promotes education that is age-appropriate and student-centered; we are committed to the overall growth of a dancer, which includes communicating healthy and realistic expectations. Our students are given opportunities to explore performance at a high standard, with exposure to professional dance educators and choreographers, within professional environments.

The Callanwolde Dance Ensemble, which we call CDE, has been in operation for more than 20 years. With a rich history in performance and outreach, CDE continues to grow in number, talent, and quality. CDE has nurtured many alumnae that have continued on to study dance in college, as well as to pursue professional careers in dance.

Register now through our online class catalog, or call the Registration Office for more details at (404) 872-5338.

Scholarship Assistance

Scholarships are available to children 5 years old and older and are awarded based on financial need and/or merit. Scholarships are awarded quarterly with the following deadlines. Late applications are not accepted.

 Fall Quarter: July 10
Winter Quarter: November 10
Spring Quarter: February 10
Summer Quarter: April 10

Applicants will be contacted regarding their application status prior to the start of the quarter. All personal information, scholarship applications, awards and discussions are confidential. Click below for the Scholarship Application Form. Contact the Outreach Director, Jahmesha Joseph for more information at 404-872-5338 | To apply over the phone or in person, please email Jahmesha Joseph with: Name, phone number and email address.

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