Students practicing yoga at Callanwolde.

Scholarships are available to adults and children (5 years old and older) and are awarded based on financial need and/or merit. Scholarships are awarded quarterly with the following deadlines. Late applications are not accepted.

Full Year (fall, winter, spring): July 17
Fall Quarter:
 July 17
Winter Quarter: November 10
Spring Quarter: February 10
Summer Quarter: April 10

Applicants will be contacted regarding their application status prior to the start of the quarter. All personal information, scholarship applications, awards and discussions are confidential. Click below for the Scholarship Application Form to print form. You can mail, fax or bring the form in person to us.

If you need assistance, please contact Christina Bray at or 404-872-5338 ext. 238. We’re here to help!

Bot Painting for Scholarship Page

Student of Callanwolde’s School of Visual Arts

Please note that currently, Callanwolde has a very limited amount of scholarship money available. 





  Arts Education Department’s Core Values

  • Quality Education: Focus on high quality, traditional, fine arts education that emphasizes a hands-on experience in a unique learning environment
  • Creative & Fun Environment: Creative/Fun outlet for the pursuit of individual growth and fulfillment
  • Community Driven: Provide flexible schedules, accessible and relevant classes, and affordable value to the customers
  • Pursuit of Excellence: The finest teachers and staff that demonstrate a collaborative atmosphere with mutual respect and a commitment to Callanwolde
  • Passionate about Communication: Open communication to our community, customers, and to one another


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