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Looking for Pottery classes in Atlanta? Check out Callanwolde’s Pottery and Ceramics Foundation Classes, specialty classes, and workshops!

Students choose the Handbuilding or Pottery on the Wheel track.

Take all 3 foundation classes and earn a Certificate of Completion, or take foundation or specialty courses a la carte with instructor permission for foundation II, III.

Handbuilding Track

  • Intro to Pottery I (Handbuilding)

  • Intro to Handbuilding II

  • Intro to Handbuilding III

Pottery on the Wheel Track

  • Intro to Pottery I (Handbuilding)

  • Intro to Pottery on the Wheel II

  • Intro to Pottery on the Wheel III

Lab time included in Pottery Studio upon request.

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Pottery & Ceramics Foundation Classes

Students who complete all 3 foundation classes will earn a signed certificate of completion. We offer a foundation class track in Handbuilding as well as Pottery on the Wheel. Foundation classes can also be taken ala carte with instructor permission. Callanwolde also offers specialty classes and workshops! Click here to view our selection of pottery classes.

Extra lab time is available by request at no extra charge!

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Required First Course – Intro to Pottery I

An introduction to the three basic handbuilding techniques (pinch, coil, slab), introductory surface design, plus glazing. Classes will meet two hours each week, and students will be allowed and expected to complete each week’s projects during the Pottery’s open access periods (afternoons and weekends). First clay provided with tuition.

Handbuilding Foundation Classes

Intro to Handbuilding II

More advanced handbuilding techniques and surface finishes, with assigned projects (self-directed or by Instructor).

Intro to Handbuilding III

Students will engage in self-directed projects with guidance from the Instructor. Extra lab time expected.

Pottery on the Wheel Foundation Classes

Intro to Wheel II

An introduction to working on the potters’ wheel, with concentration on centering, cylinders, trimming and handles. Extra lab time expected.

Intro to Wheel III

More advanced wheel techniques and surface finishes, with assigned projects (self-directed or by Instructor).  Extra lab time expected.

Explore Pottery & Ceramics Classes 

Scholarship Assistance

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center awards scholarships based on financial need and/or merit. Please visit our main Scholarships page here for scholarship applications and additional information.

About Callanwolde Fine Arts Center

Callanwolde was built in 1920 by Charles Howard Candler, eldest son of The Coca-Cola Company founder Asa Griggs Candler. The estate is located in the Druid Hills neighborhood of Atlanta and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The 12 acre estate contains a magnificent Tudor Revival style mansion, lush gardens, and several outer buildings. Click here to learn more about the history of Callanwolde.

Today, Callanwolde is owned by Dekalb County and is the home of Callanwolde Fine Arts Center. Callanwolde Fine Arts Center is a cultural community conservatory of the arts on a 12 acre campus. Callanwolde offers classes in the performing arts (music, music recording, dance, dance fitness), visual arts (painting/drawing, pottery, weaving/textiles, jewelry/metalsmithing, photography), writing, yoga, horticulture, culinary arts and more to students of all ages.

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