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Callanwolde School of Dance Recital

Callanwolde School of Dance Children’s Recital is an bi-annual performance opportunity for dance students ages 5 and up. All students participating in dance classes are invited to perform. There are no auditions required. The recital is typically scheduled in December and in the Spring of each year. Rehearsals are held on the Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday evenings prior to the Saturday performance. Attendance at rehearsals is mandatory. Performances are held at in 2-3 difference hour blocks based on age and level for each block and each block lasts for forty to forty five minutes each. Most children perform in one show; those who take multiple classes may be scheduled in more than one show.

Recital Fees

Recital fees are due in the month of March, and cost $90 per dancer. Should your child dance in multiple pieces, each additional costume is $60. These fees include your costume, which you keep, along with 2 tickets to the performance. The fees also help to cover the costs of venue rental, technical crew, and caretakers backstage. Tickets are sold to this event, and cost $5 each. Tickets are available in late April.

Class Content

Fall and Winter Quarters are dedicated to training and technique. Spring Quarters are dedicated to the study of choreography, and preparing for the Recital. We believe that in order for a dancer’s training to be well-rounded, he or she must have the opportunity to perform. Learning and memorizing steps is a key part of dance education. If you miss enrollment in August, it is advisable that you enroll in January. New students in the Spring Quarter, March, will be directed to the non-recital courses. We offer classes where your child can continue to study technique through the Spring Quarter. We ask that you enroll in these non-recital classes, and refrain from enrolling in classes that will perform.

Class Attendance

Our recital is a high-quality performance, where Faculty and Staff work very hard to make it so. Your child is extremely important to this production; absences make practicing and learning parts very difficult on the other children in the class, as well as the choreographers. Students with excessive absences during Spring Quarter, and those who miss the tech and dress rehearsals the week prior to the performance, may be asked not to perform. Please be aware that there are no refunds of fees in the event that you are asked not to perform.

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