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Callanwolde School of Dance

Callanwolde School of Dance: Begin With Beauty

Looking for dance classes in Atlanta? Our program’s aim is to instill in each student the joy of dance as an art form and to begin with beauty – the beauty of dance, of music, of rhythm, of bodies in movement, of the light shining through the trees, of the nature trail on our campus, of the architecture of our buildings, of the nature of art.

What makes Callanwolde unique amongst dance schools? Read on to find out more!

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Callanwolde School of Dance Introduces a Refreshed Dance Program!

Callanwolde is excited to also announce that we are a Chapter for NHSDA (National Honors Society for Dance Arts) and beginning this summer Callanwolde School of Dance will be offering classes for credit in the NHSDA Program.

This program includes participation and exposure to experiences that the Dance Faculty values. Among them producing THINKING dancers, dancers who will be shaped by the inclusion of exposure to the deeper conversation between art forms. Dancers can gain discipline and motivation as they track the points they earn through a spectrum of dance and civic minded activities. Participation counts as a club for college admission and toward excellence upon High School graduation. Participation in NHSDA raises the level of inquiry and exploration in becoming a young artist.

Callanwolde will be presenting the Complete 2nd Act of The Nutcracker (open to the public) this December 2017 (choreographed by Jillian Mitchell) along with performances by the Callanwolde Prime Movers and some guest Faculty performances.

Dance Coordinators and Teachers

Jerylann Warner

Jerylann Warner – Director of Dance

Callanwolde School of Dance is thrilled to announce beginning this Summer and Fall 2017: New Directors and Faculty!

  • Jerylann Warner – Director of Dance
  • Jillian Mitchell – Ballet Artistic Director
  • Brandon Nguyen – Faculty Member
  • Cici Kelley – Faculty Member

Dance Performance Opportunities

Students may have the opportunity to attend rehearsals for dance performances both at Callanwolde (i.e., Holiday Gala, Salute to America, Jazz on the

Jillian Mitchell – Ballet Artistic Director

Lawn, Halloween and Christmas at Callanwolde) and outside of Callanwolde (local festivals, DeKalb County events). Students in the dance program will most often be performing with local professional artists, musicians, actors, and singers who complete the experiential vision and artistic direction for our students.

Along with Callanwolde’s School of Music and School of Visual Art, we offer all of our students the unparalleled opportunity to collaborate and create dynamic interdisciplinary art. We can’t wait to begin this journey with you!

Prime Movers

The Prime Movers are the Callanwolde School of Dance’s Modern and Contemporary Dance Company.

We recommend the following class progression for Prime Movers:

  1. Foundation Modern, Jazz I
  2. Rising Modern, Jazz II
  3. Pre-Prime Movers
  4. Prime Movers

Beautiful Dance Studios

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center’s campus is situated on twelve lush acres located in the Druid Hills neighborhood of Atlanta. Two of our three dance studios are located in the magnificent Candler Mansion- a 27,000 square foot Tudor Revival mansion listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Our grounds also contain gardens, fountains, a nature trail, several restored outer buildings, and an art gallery.

Click here to learn more about the mission of Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, and the history of our campus.

Dance Curriculum for All Ages

PreK (Ages 2-4)

The aim of this program is to instill in each student the joy of dance as an art form. The program includes technical skills, improvisation and choreography, musical background, and performing experience within a graded structure. Children are allowed a high degree of personal freedom for their own invention and creativity. This educational approach to dance utilizes problem solving, observation, and sharing of experience.

Young Student (Ages 4-12)

Our classes for the youngest dancers Introduce boys and girls ages from age 4 + to the fundamentals of dance, while helping them to increase their physical strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance. Designed to increase the student’s self-confidence and to find a greater joy in moving, dance and personal expression. Additionally, these classes seek to nurture children while developing their motor skills, socialization and physical play; creating a joy in movement that can last a life-time. Pre-Ballet classes offer a starting point for the future dancer; the foundations are explored and improved upon.

Adult Dance

For the adult dancer both beginner and experienced, we offer a number of classes, including Adult Ballet Barre, Hip Hop Choreography, Adult Contemporary, Dance Fitness, and West African Dance.

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Atlanta Chapter – NHSDA (National Honor Society for Dance Arts)

School Of Dance NHSDA

National Honor Society for Dance Arts

The Callanwolde School of Dance is now an Atlanta chapter of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts!

The NHDSA is a program of the National Dance Education Organization which recognizes outstanding artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement in students. The NHDSA offers three levels of induction: The Junior Program for grades 6-8, the Secondary Program for grades 9-12, and the Collegiate Program for sutdents in college or university dance programs. Induction in Callanwolde’s NHDSA Junior and Secondary Chapters is an honor that takes hard work and commitment, and its benefits last a lifetime!

Callanwolde is committed to honoring our students’ hard work and achievements in dance. Click here for more information about the NHDSA. 

Scholarship Assistance

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center awards School of Dance scholarships based on financial need and/or merit. Please visit our main Scholarships page here for scholarship applications and additional information.

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