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Heather Moffitt

Heather Moffitt is a Georgia native who spent 15 years working as a performer, teacher, and choreographer in Los Angeles.  During her time in Los Angeles, she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science from California State University Northridge with a concentration in pre-medical studies.

She has trained in dance, singing, and acting with top industry professionals all over the world including Joseph Malone, Jackie Sleight, Michelle Elkin, Paula Morgan, Mark Goodman, Robert Barnett, Sharon Story, Cindy Ricalde, Adam Parson, and Sheila Barker as well as Peisha McPhee and Christina Saffran-Ashford.  Heather is a triple-threat performer who has performed throughout the country and overseas. Her performance credits include Adam Parson’s Commonality Dance Company, Mandalone Project directed by Joseph Malone, Jazz Dance LA and Mandalone Project with Jackie Sleight, Medidanza Stage in Italy with Paula Morgan and Steven LaChance, The Choreographer’s Carnival at Key Club in Hollywood with Michelle Elkin, Cabrillo Music Theater’s production of The King and I, the musical iChoose, several cultural performances with Joseph Malone, Michelle Elkin, and Terrance Yates, and in multiple Cabaret performances directed by Peisha McPhee. Heather has served as an assistant for Jackie Sleight, Doug Caldwell, and Cindy Ricalde and she has trained teaching assistants throughout her many years of teaching.

Heather Moffitt is determined to share her experience, knowledge, compassion, and love for the arts with her students and their families.  Dance is about more than just the steps.  Dance is about being a better human being, doing something you love, and making the world a better place because of it.

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