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Modern Dance

Callanwolde School of Dance Modern Dance Program has through the introduction of dance fundamentals (alignment, core strength, flexibility and endurance) classes that explore a wide range of movement possibilities. Sometimes athletic, sometimes classical, but always musical, modern dance challenges rhythmic, expressive and creative qualities.

Taught by degreed instructors and dance instructors who have performed professionally regionally, nationally, and internationally – 2 recitals per year for all students (May and December) at Porter Sanford Performing Arts Auditorium (to include excerpts from the “Nutcracker” in December) along with performance opportunities for the more advanced students throughout Metro Atlanta and Callanwolde Events

New and better dance curriculum and certificate program – we will be working with dance and all Callanwolde students to help them (regardless of college major) with mentorship and tools to get enrolled into a college of their choice through their involvement with Callanwolde. More to follow on college advisement meetings and seminars.

Classes Available

Prime Movers (open age)
Introducing Callanwolde School of Dance Inaugural Modern/ Contemporary Youth Dance Company!
The Prime Movers Dance Company offers training and performance opportunities to students who have had at least two consecutive years of Modern Dance study. Every student must be enrolled in either Level II/III Modern and up, or in Ballet Barre/Modern Dance Center along with Prime Movers.
Prerequisite: Modern II/III or Instructor’s permission required.

Callanwolde also has opportunities for those students who are ready and wanting more depending on age and level:

  • Certificate Exam Testing (can be used for college/university enrollment applications regardless of major student wishes to pursue),
  • Performance opportunities with Callanwolde events and Callanwolde Dance Recitals,
  • Performance opportunity training for Governor Honors Program (GHP) and PTA Reflections locally/regionally/nationally;
  • Performance and audition opportunities locally or nationally

Ballet Barre/Modern Dance Center (open age)
Thirty minutes of ballet-based barre exercises, followed by thirty minutes of modern dance phrases. Student will develop knowledge of terminology and technique as applied to the expressive and dynamic aspects of modern dance.

Modern I (6-10 years)

Modern II/III (8+ years)
Prerequisite: Two years of Modern or Instructor’s permission required.

Modern III/IV (10+ years)
Prerequisite: One year of Modern or Instructor’s permission required.
Students have the opportunity to experiment with improvisation and choreography while strengthening their technique.

Modern IV/V (12-18 years)
Prerequisite: Instructor’s permission required to join class.
Students have the opportunity to experiment with improvisation and choreography while strengthening their technique.

West African Dance (Adult)

Modern and Jazz (Adult)

Irish Dance (child to teen)

Class Catalog

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