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Dr. Chouaieb Saidi


Dr. Chouaieb Saidi is Tunisian-born and Paris-educated. He now lives in Atlanta, where he continues to paint, promote art and teach to art lovers. A passionate soul, a loving heart and an inquisitive mind, Chouaieb Saidi is a full-life artist. “Life itself is a white canvas, it is what we make of it”, Said the artist. He adds” I want mine to be a celebration of a diversity unified in a poetic harmony.” An award winning, international artist, Saidi owes his early diverse talent to a loving, gifted family and a sunny Mediterranean climate. He attributes his broad knowledge in art and design to generations of master artists and great teachers including during seven years of visual arts studies at the world-renowned Sorbonne University in Paris, where he earned a Masters degree in Applied Arts and a Doctorate of Visual Arts. His expertise was developed by 20 years of daily practice in creating art, including a decade in Montmartre; this beautiful, historic art district in Paris, once home to several old masters including Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh and Toulouse Lautrec and where Dr. Saidi was well recognized as one of Montmartre most distinguished portrait artists. For the past ten years, Dr. Saidi has become a recommended art instructor and renowned artist whose art is exhibited in museums and galleries in the USA and abroad. Saidi’s artwork has been featured on major TV channels including CNN, NBC and FOX5. This was primarily because his popular painting, “Universal Godfather of Soul” of James Brown that was displayed next to the singer’s coffin at the official Funeral Ceremony in Augusta- Georgia. The painting won “Best in Show Award” at the international artists exhibition, “Visual Soul”. It is currently in the permanent collection of Lucy Laney Museum in Augusta, GA. Saidi has painted thousands of patrons around the world including public and political figures and celebrities such as actor Charles Bronson, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Miss America 2008, Kristin Hugland, and a portrait of former President Abraham Lincoln that is now on display in the Washington DC Historic Society Gallery.

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