Location: Mansion, Winter Living Room

Beginning Ballet with Rebecca

A delightful introduction to the sequence of exercises at the barre; the physicality and terminology of ballet. Includes easy to follow dance phrases and floor work. Appropriate for those new to ballet, revisiting the art form after an absence or dancers who want to refresh the basics of ballet.

An Atlanta native, Rebecca received her professional training from Atlanta Ballet’s Centre for Dance Education Pre-Professional Division and Conservatory program. After graduating from Atlanta Ballet, she moved to Charlotte, NC where she danced professionally for the contemporary/modern companies Audrey Baran’s Baran Dance and Martha Connerton’s Kinetic Works, as well as performing as a guest soloist with Gay Porter’s Charlotte Youth Ballet. In 2019, Rebecca moved back to Georgia, where she danced with Savannah Ballet Theatre as a soloist for two consecutive seasons. After returning to the Atlanta area in 2021, Rebecca has performed with Namari Ballet, Kit Modus, and Covington Regional Ballet as a professional artist.