An excellent way to express your thoughts, dreams, fears, and life experiences is through the written word in the form of stories, poems and memoirs.  Take your writings to new levels in our writing classes.      

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Writing Student

“I really enjoyed the class, and some of Zave’s ideas made me look at doing things a bit differently. All of which would assist me in making the journey better.  It takes me a minute to get it, but he is awesome in the manner in which he facilitates!”


Writing Student

“I absolutely loved this (Creative Writing) class, it taught me to tap into my authentic inner voice and to listen to my instincts with more courage. The feedback from Zave and the others in the class is invaluable. We explored several writing prompts that were very stimulating and I found myself writing in a way that I really didn’t know I could. Zave and my fellow students are now life-long “writing” buddies!”

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