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Thank you to our 2024 volunteers!

Volunteer Spotlight

"I did a few dance camps as a kid and I thought, I like this, I'm gonna keep doing it. And I actually enjoy working with the kids. [Dance class] got them into the basics, and they even compiled a small full choreo. We're in good shape!"

--Ivy Nguyen, volunteer from Druid Hills High School
Art Scholars Spring Break Camp, 2024

Volunteer Code of Conduct

All Callanwolde volunteers must agree to follow this code of conduct.

As a volunteer with Callanwolde, we depend on you to act respectfully, honestly, and ethically while serving our community and interacting with community members. Callanwolde has a zero-tolerance policy for racism, discrimination, and sexual harassment. Engaging in these types of behaviors can result in dismissal of the volunteer. If you have questions about what behaviors fall under these categories, please contact Julia Byrne at If you witness behavior that falls under these categories, please contact Julia Byrne at or at 404-474-4534.

Attendance and Punctuality

Callanwolde depends on you to arrive on time for your scheduled shift. We ask that if you know you will be late or absent, please call Julia Byrne at 404-824-6950 as soon as possible.

Volunteers do not qualify for financial or material gain for their services and are therefore unpaid. If a record of volunteer hours is needed, please let us know prior to beginning your shift. Callanwolde reserves the right to decline court-ordered community service volunteers at its discretion.

Dress Code

In order to best fulfill your volunteer role, we ask that you refrain from wearing clothes that display obscene language, offensive material, or is otherwise inappropriate while representing our organization. Clothing should be comfortable, weather-appropriate, and may get dirty if working with art supplies or landscaping.

Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Use
If alcohol is served during a volunteer event or business function, volunteers are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate and professional manner.
Tobacco use is prohibited inside our buildings, vehicles, during volunteer activities, or at volunteer events. Our entire campus is drug-free and tobacco-free.

Breaches of the Volunteer Code of Conduct

If volunteers fail to uphold the ethical considerations in this document, volunteers may be asked to address or change their behavior, or may be released from activities. Callanwolde has the right to release or dismiss volunteers at its discretion.

By agreeing to this Volunteer Code of Conduct, I indicate that I have read, understood, and agree to uphold and abide by the outlined values. I also agree to accept consequences of not following our Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Callanwolde employees often ask volunteers for permission to take their picture to record the volunteer opportunity. If you are not comfortable with this, let us know and we will refrain from including you in any photographs. If you accept, your photograph may appear in Callanwolde social media posts, promotional materials, or archival materials.