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Callanwolde Fine Arts Center is a cultural community conservatory of the arts on a 12 acre campus. Callanwolde offers classes in the performing arts (music, music recording, dance, dance fitness), visual arts (painting/drawing, pottery, weaving/textiles, jewelry/metalsmithing, photography), writing, yoga, horticulture, culinary arts and more to students of all ages.

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center now offers a Foundation Certificate program in all disciplines.  Foundation Certificate programs are offered for beginning students who seek structured, intensive instruction in any of these areas. Specialized courses and workshops are for those seeking instruction beyond the Foundation level.

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Classes at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center are available for all ages. Classes are offered quarterly and typically meet for eight weeks or less. You can view our current class catalog here, or explore available classes online.

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Callanwolde’s Rick Baker School of Music and Music Recording

Callanwolde is proud to offer one of the most respected music programs in Atlanta! Click here to learn more about Callanwolde’s Rick Baker School of Music and Music Recording.

  • Music Program: All styles, all ages, all levelsPrivate and group lessons in piano, voice, and guitar, bass, strings (violin, viola, cello), woodwinds, brass, preschool, songwriting and improvisation. We also offer a choir ensemble!

The Callanwolde School of Visual Arts

Looking for visual arts classes in Atlanta? Callanwolde’s School of Visual Arts provides quality educational opportunities for children and adult students with a passion for making art.  Small classes and dedicated, professional instructors allow for the personal attention and encouragement crucial to the development of creative ability and confidence. Click here to learn more about Callanwolde School of Visual Arts!

Our courses of study include:

Callanwolde School of Literary Arts

Fiction Writing, Poetry Writing, Memoir Writing, Creative Writing, and Writing Summer Camps for Teens. Click here to learn more about the Callanwolde School of Literary Arts!

Callanwolde School of Dance

Our program’s aim is to instill in each student the joy of dance as an art form and to begin with beauty – the beauty of dance, of music, of rhythm, of bodies in movement, of the light shining through the trees, of the nature trail on our campus, of the architecture of our buildings, of the nature of art.

What makes Callanwolde unique amongst dance schools? Click here to find out more!

Callanwolde School of Yoga and Fitness

The program provides instruction in the poses and as study continues, pranayama and meditation are added. Practitioners also participate in karma yoga programs to connect to the needs of the community. There is commitment to work to sustain these programs as part of the yoga practice. Click here to learn more about Callanwolde School of Yoga and Fitness!

Portfolio and Skill Building Classes for Teens

Portfolio and Skill Building Classes for Teens: Poetry and Spoken Word; Photography; Music; Painting/Drawing; Book Arts; Jewelry Making and Metalsmithing; Modern Dance.

Callanwolde School of Horticulture and Culinary Arts

Callanwolde has partnered with The GreenHouse Foundation and Captain Planet Foundation as an instruction location for students in need and a learning facility for teachers!

Callanwolde School of Horticulture and Culinary Arts:  Starting Vegetables from Seed; Ikebana and Flower Arranging; Terrariums; Container Gardening; Water Conservation; Fermented Foods; Edible Plants.

Summer Camps

Summer Camp: Teen Camps; Visual Arts, Music, Drama & Dance; Half-Day Camps; Before and After Camps.

Scholarship Assistance

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center awards scholarships based on financial need and/or merit. Please visit our main Scholarships page here for scholarship applications and additional information.

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